Thanks to you, Faith. Field. Feast. continues to be an unforgettable evening filled with warmth, camaraderie, and a shared commitment to a better, greener world.

Because of your generosity, almost $50,000 was raised to help feed those experiencing food insecurity.

Your dedication to nurturing community gardens, tending to honey bee hives, and caring for a thriving flock of chickens is nothing short of inspiring. These efforts not only enrich our local environment but also serve as a beacon of hope for communities both near and far.

Through your selfless contributions, you have not only provided sustenance but also empowered individuals and families with the tools and resources to cultivate their own gardens.

Your generosity knows no bounds, and it is evident in the bountiful harvests that will bless countless tables.

Moreover, your support for grants to community gardens locally and abroad showcases a global vision of sustainability and community empowerment. 

This kind of outreach extends far beyond our immediate surroundings, reaching those who may otherwise have limited access to fresh, nutritious produce.

Your love for the earth, for community, and for humanity shines through in every aspect of this event. Thank you once again for your bountiful giving!

With gratitude to our patrons:


Lois M. Campbell
Michele Fagan
Dr. Stephen and Beth Ann Hribar
Sandra J. Jenkins
Jennifer J. MacNeil
Valerie Oltmanns
Dr. Kim Pierce
Mark and Margaret Rentler
Rome Monuments
Trinity Restoration Services, Inc.


Robert J. Alman
Andrew Bosh
Mary J. Frankenberry
Harry and Peggy Gaughan
Dr. Stephen and Beth Ann Hribar
John and Maureen Joyce
Dr. Edward and Robyn Kelly
Loretta Martella
Allie Mooney
David and Erin Ninehouser
Richard and Ann Packer
Suzanne Polen
Daniel Richeal
Joan Roscoe
Stephen and Susan Steward
Joseph Thompson

Flock Tender

Amy Bubash
Christine Didio
Carmela DiStefano
S. E. Eshbaugh – General Contractor
Karen Hannon
Robert Hebda in honor of Luke Badaczewski
Dr. Stephen and Beth Hribar
Diane Kaminski
Terri Martin
Lucas Parks
Christine Ryan
Thomas and Carla Welte